Tuesday, November 21, 2017

We have all been guilty of using something that has passed its expiration date, but we thought we could get one more use out of it before it finally failed.  Some people are no different when it comes to their heating and cooling system.  You may have had multiple costly breakdowns, but feel you can get another season out of “Ole Reliable.”  I think we can all agree that breakdowns on things we are trying to “get a little more life out of” often fail at the worst possible time.

When it comes to your heating and cooling system, we see some people doing this very same thing.  If you fall into this category, it may be time to switch into planning mode.  It is always better to be proactive as opposed to reactive.

The heating and cooling system is one of the most important systems in your home.  Waiting until it completely fails is only going to put your “back against the wall” when it comes to replacement.  It is better to

be in a position where you can evaluate your options and make the proper INVESTMENT in your home, rather than settling for having to make a quick decision on a costly system.
Choosing the right company to install your system is a process and you will need the right amount of time to make the proper decision.  Again, you are investing in a SERVICE and you need to find a company you can trust.

Maintenance is the KEY…

One way to help avoid this situation is to have your system maintained by a professional company.  Most reputable companies have a service plan that includes regular maintenance, priority service, and discounts on future repairs and upgrades.  It is my advice to find a great company that offers a service plan for your heating and cooling system.  Most companies that service heating and air conditioning equipment will also having plumbing services, which can also be a bonus!

The reason maintenance is so important is because a professional can help prolong the life of your system along with pin point problem areas that may cause a complete breakdown.  Regular tune-ups by a professional can also increase the efficiency of your older system and save you money on your utility bills.  Overall, seasonal service on your system is just as important as getting the oil changed in your car.

Ultimately, emergency situations are inevitable without proper preparation.  Having your unit properly maintained by a reputable company will allow you to be proactive.  A professional will be able to educate you on when you should look at replacement versus when you should make a repair.  Take this valuable step to avoid being put in a bad situation.

If you are at the point that you would like to get a plan going, give us a call and we would be happy to send out a Home Advisor for a FREE estimate on a new HVAC system.  (317)-859-4270!