Nexstar Eddie Award Winners 2017!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

On September 15th in Washington D.C., Chad Peterman was presented a very honorable award for our marketing here at Peterman, called the Nexstar Eddie award.

Nexstar is “founded on the premise of contractor success through education & sharing, a principle that guides it’s members today & every day.  Nexstar’s only purpose is to help each other succeed as the best in customer service, profitability & employee engagement.”

This prestigious award is sought after by many companies that are part of the Nexstar network.  In fact over 500 companies are a part of Nexstar!

This means that out of all the members of Nexstar throughout the country we won the marketing award for 2017 for the “Free Furnace Promotion” that we ran at the beginning of this year.  This is a fantastic accomplishment for our company & for all the employees involved.  We are very proud and can’t wait to see what we do next year.