6 Questions You Must Ask While on Your Initial Call

Monday, December 4, 2017

Below is a list of questions that you need to ask a company representative before committing to a consultation with a Home Comfort Advisor.

Question #1: How long will the consultation take?

A proper consultation should take between 45-90 minutes.  This is ample time for the comfort specialist to evaluate the system, go over options, answer your questions, and discuss a solution that is right for you.  Anything less may leave stones unturned that could be valuable during the replacement.  Anything longer should only be dictated by you if there are additional questions or you are interested in learning more about system accessories, upgrade options, etc.  Do not allow someone to quote you a new system over the phone if they have never been to your home.  There are way too many variables to consider and allowing someone to quote a new system over the phone may open you up to a system that is installed incorrectly.

Question #2: Do you offer financing?

You need to ask this question even if you are a cash buyer.  If they say no, you should hang up the phone.

Question #3: Will you be sending any notification as to who will be coming out to my home?

A company that is focused on providing great service should want you to be completely comfortable with a stranger coming to your home.  This notification should include a picture of the comfort specialist and a little about that person.  This information will allow you to verify that the person that shows up is the person that is supposed to be in your home.

Question #4: Who owns the company & how long have you been in business?  

While you may have uncovered these answers from a company’s website, it is important to ask a person who works for the company as well.  If they are able to answer these questions, it is a good indicator that you are dealing with a local company and the owners of the company are involved.  If the person on the other end is unsure, this may point to franchise owners who are not involved in the workings of the company.  Again, who would you rather deal with when it comes to your home?

Question #5: Are you licensed and do you handle all the permitting requirements?

Believe it or not, there are still companies out there doing HVAC installations that are NOT LICENSED.  This could potentially put your family and the value of your home at a huge risk.  Any reputable company will have copies of their licenses on hand and should be able to produce a copy if needed.  Make sure they have a current license with the city you live in.  Permits and INSPECTIONS are for your safety.   If an installation is completed without a permit and is found to not meet code requirements, YOU could be required to make the repairs at YOUR OWN EXPENSE.

Question #6: Does your company carry the proper insurance?  

When it comes to the matter of insurance, many people don’t realize that they are potentially opening themselves up to a huge liability when they have a company working on their home that is not properly insured.  Proper insurance PROTECTS not only the company and their employees, but YOU as well if there is an accident causing bodily injury or property damage that happens while they are on your job site.


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